Thursday, October 22, 2009

Purposeful Sunday's

I wrote this awhile back on a PW forum i belong to, and thought i would share it here as well.

Ladies i felt like i should hop on here and encourage you this morning! I know that so many of you dread Sunday's, so i wanted to encourage you to look at today in a different way!

I personally know how hard Sunday is. I sing on the worship team and have to be there at 7:45 am with all kids fed dressed and happy :)

I know we come from small churches,large churches, church splits, churches that are ready for change but won't receive it the list could go on and on. Today try to align your heart with God's. Ask him to love the things he love. Serve with a happy heart look for open opportunities to encourage others, even if you don't get encouraged. STOP having a pitty party and look for open doors. Maybe your in the hall with a crying baby or a rambunctious toddler to minister to someone else that is the foyer or hallway. Try to find an open door today. Make it a purpose to not dread going but to be excited and "IN ALL THINGS GIVE THANKS."

Life is soooo short you may not know if you will ever have another Sunday or another day to minister to those around you. Try to look at going to church to support your hubby as something that is an adventure! Ladies WE get to love people, and see people's lives changed as our job! WOW. What a huge thing! God entrusted us with something sooo big! I pray today you would see the value in every person. I know it's hard because we sometimes don't get loved or encouraged ect...but today let's make it about Jesus and love what he loves, the people, serving with a cheerful heart!

During my devotion time i read about Jochebed (Moses mother).

So often we focus on Moses and his bringing the children of Isreal into the promise land we forget to look and see where he came from ?

Moses mother had to have the "faith" to put her three month old baby in a basket and allow God to be his protection. Wouldn't you know that her remarkable faith brought her a return of not only being able to raise her own baby and nurse him for three years but also to get payed from Pharaoh himself ? Crazy right. Exodus 2:7-9 talks bout all that.

Ecclisisastes 11:1 tells us to "Cast your bread upon the waters,for you will find it after many days."

I'm praying that the faith you have to jump up this morning and embrace it would be just like Jochebed as she cast her bread out on the waters (moses) it returned to her, and the children of Isreal.

Jochebed defied the King's order to kill her newborn son and throw him in the water in doing so she gave the world Moses.

Are you going to defy all reasonable limits by stepping out and asking God for something HUGE and life changing something that is uniting people and planting seeds that you may never see ? What is the world going to remember you by ? What you stood for and stepped out into or what you were against ?
I want to be known for what i stood for, How I loved and my Faith, just to name a few!

I love you ladies and I am praying that we can have an amazing Sunday thread full of testimonies of how God changed your heart this Day!

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